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capital gains tax strategy

Preserve your Equity
Increase your Cash Flow
Safeguard your Legacy

Are you struggling with the burden of paying Capital Gains Tax?

As the owner of a highly valued asset, you may find yourself confronting the unfortunate reality of relinquishing a substantial portion of your hard-earned equity … a heavy price to pay.

The Price of Paying Capital Gains Tax

Preserve your Equity and Earning Potential in ways you may
have not known were possible … until now.

Armed with a highly sophisticated and proprietary tax structure, we effectively reduce or defer 100% of the capital gains tax that would otherwise be recognized in the year of the sale.

The tax structure is made possible through the collaboration of our exclusive team of highly skilled attorneys and financial advisors dedicated to helping execute a tax deferral exit strategy.

You deserve to sell your highly valued asset and leave your legacy intact.

Our team has assisted thousands of people,
just like you, in deferring capital gains taxes.

Over the course of the last 30 years, we have prided ourselves in delivering extraordinary service coupled with a pioneering tax strategy that delivers unparalleled results.

To date, we have facilitated over 4,000 transactions totaling over $100 billion in assets.

Results you will see…

Achieve your goals with greater flexibility

Capital Preservation

Our proprietary and customized tax structure defers the capital gains tax liability therefore providing the seller the opportunity to use the pre-tax proceeds for additional investment purposes resulting in potentially greater returns.

Estate Tax Benefits

Our customized tax structure can be combined with additional planning to accomplish an estate freeze for estate tax purposes.

Liquidity and Diversification

The ability to convert an illiquid asset, like a business or commercial real estate, into a diversified portfolio of liquid investments.

Enhanced Retirement Income

Provides for a greater stream of income for retirement based on the pre-tax proceeds from the sale instead of the after-tax proceeds, which are likely to be substantially less.


Our Tax Strategy can be used with any kind of entity, e.g. LLCs, S or C election corporations, as well as individuals who own real estate, rental properties, vacation homes, commercial properties, hotels, land, industrial complexes, retail developments, raw land, and even collectibles and highly concentrated stock positions, to name a few.

How it works

Steps to exploring the Tax Strategy in more detail.

Schedule a discovery call to discuss the Tax Strategy in more detail and how you will benefit.

Our team of advisors will review your case to determine if it is a good f it for the Tax Strategy.

Following approval, you will be scheduled to conference with our tax attorney to review your information.

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